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Defensive Driving Courses

Defensive Driving course

It takes 9 hours to complete the course – there are four separate 2 hour classroom theory sessions and a 1 hour in-car practical session. You will arrange your ‘in-car’ session with the tutor once you arrive at the course.

We watch DVDs and discuss various problems and scenarios in class. The in-car practical session helps you understand and identify any error patterns you might have – it then helps you develop the skills and abilities to eliminate them. You can also practice what you’ve learned in the classroom theory sessions or through using the eDrive online learning system. The instructor will take you through a practice full licence test and give you advice on how to pass comfortably.

As long as you finish all the coursework and the practical drive, you’ll get your certificate at the end.

The Defensive Driving for Experienced Drivers course (DD ED)

This is a comprehensive course run over a two and a half hour session that can be tailored for your company to include any policies or procedures that are relevant to your drivers.

The Defensive Driving for Experienced Drivers course (DD ED)  provides a valuable opportunity for company car drivers to refresh their skills and reflect on their own driving ability, whilst at the same time improving their awareness of risk and safety on the road.

Safer driving is not just about how well a driver can operate a vehicle, it’s as much about their attitude and behaviour when they’re driving on the road, and how well they interact with other road users.

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