Commercial Driver Training


Why do you need driving lessons?
Driving lessons are a very important part of the Graduated Driver Licencing System for getting your drivers licence in New Zealand. 
Driving lessons with a professional driving instructor will give you the skills and confidence to pass first time the practical driving assessment components of the driver licencing system.
Getting your drivers licence in New Zealand.
Before you get behind the wheel of a car in New Zealand there is a process you must follow called the Graduated driver licencing system. 
You have to be at least 16 years old to apply for a car driver licence and you must hold a learner licence before you start learning to drive. It’s all about keeping you and other road users safe as you gain driving skills and experience.
How you get a car drivers licence
There are three stages to getting a car licence. At each stage you earn a new licence with fewer restrictions and more responsibilities:
Stage 1: learner licence
Stage 2: restricted licence
Stage 3: full licence.
Before you get behind the wheel…
It’s illegal to drive without a current and valid licence – there are severe penalties for doing so. This means you have to get a learner licence before you start learning to drive.
Stage 1: Getting your learner licence

To get your car (class 1) learner licence you must pass a theory test and present a form of identification, a medical certificate, proof of address (eg bank statement) at an NZ Transport Agency (NZTA) driver licencing agent. The test consists of 35 random questions including from the road code car tests, which you must get 33 out of 35. Practice testshere 

Start learning to drive with driving lessons at Applied Driving.
Booking driving lessons with our driving instructor will give you the best chance of success at progressing through stage 2 and 3 of the Graduated driver licencing system.

Rolleston, Christchurch based independent driving instructor, for commercial driver training as well as learner driver tuition.